Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pumpkin Mousse Pie

It's fall and I have an incredible craving for pumpkin. I have always wanted to cook my own pumpkins and have fresh pumpkin for a variety of recipes. Well, this year I decided to do just that.

I cooked two whole small pumpkins in the oven brushed with olive oil for about 60 mins. at 400°. I let them cool and then cut them open to retrieve the pulp and pumpkin seeds. I washed the pulp away from the seeds, coated them with olive oil and a couple dashes of salt, and roasted for a few mins in the 400° oven.

I then removed the flesh of the pumpkin and decided to make some pumpkin recipes. First I started with a simple and super delicious family favorite dessert. I made this dessert last year for Thanksgiving and it was a complete hit. As you can see by the picture we only have a little over a slice left and I just made this last night.

Pumpkin Mousse Pie


1 1/4 Cup cold fat-free milk
1 Package vanilla flavor instant pudding or sugar-free vanilla pudding mix
1 Tbsp pumpkin pie spice (here is a recipe for pumpkin pie spice mix)
1 Cup fresh or canned pumpkin
1 Tub whipped topping or sugar-free whipped topping
1 Graham cracker reduced fat pie crust or homemade

In a large bowl beat milk, pudding mix, and spice with a wire whisk for about 2 mins. Whisk in the pumpkin. Fold half of the whipped topping into the mix.

Spread into pie crust and top with remaining whipped topping.

Refrigerate for 2 or more hours. Must be stored in the refrigerator.

What is your favorite way to use pumpkin? I would love to have your feedback.

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