Monday, January 9, 2012

Our Dinner Menu Plan

Sometimes I feel like this mad crazy scientist when I am planning our dinner menus for the week. It is so hard to make each person happy, while incorporating the most nutrition possible.

Last week, we planned to have Lemon Poppy Chicken, but something came up and we had to eat out for that night. Therefore, I changed that menu item to this week instead.

My husband will not be having dinner with us two nights this week so on those nights I made the menu super easy.

Our Dinner Menu

Monday - Beer-Battered Cod Fillets, Pressure-Cooker Cabbage, Carrots and Onions, and Sweet Potato Fries

Tuesday - Lemon Honey Crock Pot Chicken, French-Style Herb Whole Grain Blend of Millet, Brown Rice and Quinoa and Fresh Corn (I froze fresh Farmer's Market corn over the summer)

Wednesday - Refried Beans, Rice and Side Salad

Thursday - Spaghetti and Garlic Rolls

Friday - Mushroom Quinoa Burgers, Carrot Sticks and Green Beans

Saturday - Chicken and Rice with Cornbread

Sunday - Leftovers