Friday, June 8, 2012

Homemade Fabric Softener

Although this is a food blog,  from time to time I find other great ideas that I just have to pass along. 

As you may know I am a heavy coupon shopper.  Lately, the coupons have not been very good for items like fabric softener.  I mean .25 cents off is not really helping me at all.  

We are out of fabric softener and I decided it was finally time to make my own.  I used the Frugal Girls recipe for making fabric softener and it came out perfect.  I could not be happier and I had all the ingredients in my home already, no extra money spent.  I love the Frugal Girls website because they have such creative and innovative ideas that work. 

I thought about trying the laundry detergent recipe as well, but when I pair my coupons to a sale for laundry detergent I can usually get it dirt cheap ;-).