Monday, July 30, 2012

Our Dinner Menu Plan

Blue Crab
This past weekend we took a trip down to the beach to visit my parents.  They actually live on the sound or river side where my boys love to go fishing.  

My oldest and his dad decided they wanted to set grandpa's crab pots out loaded with chicken bones and see if they could catch a crab.  Not only did they catch one crab they caught thirteen of them.

We transported the blue crabs to our house and my husband boiled and shelled all of them.  After that long and tedious process he then made homemade jalapeno crab cakes.  Don't I have a great husband!

Jalapeno Crab Cakes

What a great weekend, now it is time to get back to reality.  Have a wonderful week!

Our Dinner Menu Plan

Monday - Eating Out (I have a gift certificate that I must use by Tuesday)

Tuesday - Mushroom Quinoa Burgers, Red Pepper Sticks, and Baked French Fries

WednesdaySmoked Turkey Sausage Noodle Skillet and Salad

Thursday - Broccoli and Cheese Soup in Bread Bowls (special request from my oldest son)

Friday - Pork Tenderloins with Rice and Country Gravy (recipe coming),  Cooked Carrots and Green Beans

Saturday - Leftovers

Sunday - Chicken Tacos, Roasted Asparagus and Corn on the Cob