Monday, June 20, 2011


My husband and I have been interested in canning our own garden vegetables and local farmer's market fruit for quite some time. Well, I applied for the "Discover You Can House Party" sponsored by Ball. Much to my surprise I was chosen out of thousands to host a canning party. I received my party pack full of canning supplies on Saturday and started canning on Sunday. It was much easier than I thought and now we can enjoy fresh food all year long. If you are interested in canning here is a simple recipe to make applesauce and who doesn't like applesauce!

This recipe can be found in the
Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving. Which I will be giving away at my canning party on Saturday.

How to Can Applesauce


2 1/2- 3 1/2 pounds of apples per quart


Sugar (optional)

Wash apples; drain. Core, peel and quarter apples. Cook apples until soft in a large covered saucepan with about an inch of water (enough to prevent sticking). Puree using a food processor/blender. Return the apple pulp to saucepot. Add 1/4 cup sugar per pound of apples or to taste, if desired. Bring applesauce to a boil, stirring to prevent sticking. Maintain temperature at a boil while filling jars. Ladle hot sauce into HOT jars, leaving about 1/2" headspace. Please remember to keep your jars hot either in hot water or hot dishwasher until you are ready to use them. Remove air bubbles with a non-metallic spatula gently pressing food against the opposite side of the jar. Adjust two-piece caps. Process pints and quarts 20 mins. in a boiling water canner. I used the Ball Discovery rack with lifter and it worked perfectly.

I followed these instructions and used 1/4 cup sugar per pound, but I think next time I will probably only use a tbsp or so (to retain color). It was a little sweet for our taste.

Happy Canning!


Anonymous said...

We also canned tomatoes, peaches, jalapenos, and pasta sauce. Now I think we need more canning jars.